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This is written in the same style, with a Victorian feel throughout the pages. Wells had a definate distrust for science , whilst having an imagination of science that far surpassed those of the scientific profession at the time. This story seems like a warning to meddling in nature, using a different method to Island of Dr. Moreau.

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  • Cancer ranks as one of the most researched areas when it comes to medicinal mushrooms.
  • Cacao Nibs have a strong dark bitter chocolate flavor.
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  • Looking for a delicious way to use ground bison meat?
  • “When my wife and I started our company,” he says, “we received cacao from all over the world .
  • Large-scale chocolate manufacturers typically purchase a highly processed cocoa product as a base for their recipes.

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It also carried a reputation as an aphrodisiac and male potency enhancer in many places. The plant-based and open-ended shamanistic spirituality of partnership societies was quickly suppressed and it was replaced with traditions of dogma and priestly hierarchies. The dominator social structures know instinctively that altered states of consciousness are an existential threat to them. Because certain plant rituals dissolve ego boundaries and help one see oneself as part of the interconnected web of life, a view tinted with the feminine.

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Several mushrooms enhance immune function and fight cancer, including maitake , shiitake , and cordyceps , but one that hasn’t received as much attention as it perhaps deserves is turkey tail . A growing number of studies in humans has shown potential benefits from polysaccharide-K in turkey tail. For example, in patients with stomach cancer, PSK in conjunction with chemotherapy improved survival rates, while its addition to standard colon/rectal cancer treatment led to fewer recurrences. Lung cancer patients experienced similar benefits when taking PSK.

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And maybe the way out of these problems is not political exhortation, but a return to archaic rituals that shake each of us individually to our very roots. Perhaps prehistoric people, inspired by hallucinogenic ego-dissolving experiences, structured their societies around ‘partnership’ values like harmony, equality and worship of the Mother Goddess. Dominator societies also have a hostile attitude towards sexuality, another perfectly natural experience that is taboo because it dissolves ego boundaries. In all dominator societies the relationships between men and women are centered on men being sought for security and apparent status. In partnership societies, this was less likely to happen because kids were raised in a more group-minded way and resources were more equally distributed among all members rather than accumulating to a few older males. Even to the 1600s, sugar was a rare and luxury commodity in Europe.


For example, ancient cities like Catal Huyuk or the island of Minoa contained many female figurines that far outnumbered male ones. This is a stark contrast to the Abrahamic religions today that have always represented god as an old white bearded man. And what does it mean that the foundational book of Western civilization, right at the beginning tells a story of humans finding and consuming a psychoactive plant? What does it mean that their eyes were then opened and they became self conscious? As Terence McKenna jokes, this sounds like the story of history’s first drug bust.

Another major gripe is the introduction of the so-called Ultimate Predator, a more evolved version of the monster . It’s wholly unnecessary to introduce an even bigger bad when the Predator itself is already a seemingly indomitable threat, and the new design is unable to improve upon the wow factor of the original. Because the Predator in this film is not the same one from the original, special effects legend Stan Winston took the liberty of giving it a subtle facelift.