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  • We built our website to provide the simplest and best framing experience possible.
  • Custom frames but mine came in and they had too many chips in the heavily wrapped frames.
  • With larger prints we will select a thicker frame height as to give the finish product a more stunning outlook; likewise, for smaller prints it is recommended to go for a slimmer frame height.
  • General Of course, we want to keep you updated on all companies and the services, quality and prices they offer.

We had a very unusually sized piece from Bergen, Norway and were thrilled to find that you could offer a frame made just to fit it. Not recommended if your art needs to be held in place or jb power center calgary protected from accidental damage, dust, and ultraviolet light. View 4 reviews If you’re looking for quite a few new things for your wardrobe and home, you can visit several shops to find the variety of products.

Figure Painting

To prevent the protective glass from touching the surface of the artwork, matting, usually a window of cardboard in complementary colors, is used to frame the artwork, within the picture frame. Some picture-framing glass is treated with anti-reflective coating to make the glass itself virtually invisible under certain lighting. Further protection can be made for artwork exposed to direct sunlight, or harsh light such as fluorescent one. UV filtering can be added to the glass slow down the degradation of organic materials in the artwork.

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Classic Frames

Ilford continues to manufacture glass plates for special scientific applications. Color reversal film produces positive transparencies, also known as diapositives. Transparencies can be reviewed with the aid of a magnifying loupe and a lightbox. If mounted in small metal, plastic or cardboard frames for use in a slide projector or slide viewer they are commonly called slides.

These films generally require special equipment; for example, most photographic lenses are made of glass and will therefore filter out most ultraviolet light. Infrared films may be shot in standard cameras using an infrared band- or long-pass filters, although the infrared focal point must be compensated for. Likewise, if part of an image receives less than the beginning threshold level of exposure, which depends upon the film’s sensitivity to light—or speed—the film there will have no appreciable image density, and will appear on the print as a featureless black. Some photographers use their knowledge of these limits to determine the optimum exposure for a photograph; for one example, see the Zone System.


For auctions contracted and managed by an Independent Affiliate, K-BID Online, Inc. is acting as a venue only and will not be involved in any disputes or issues regarding this auction. Select an available frame for this art to see a preview of what it will look like on your wall. Your framing choice will add between 6 to 20 inches to this dimension. “Nothing to complain about. Excellent instructions on how to install the picture in the frame. Didn’t like the long wait for the product, but the beautiful custom frame was worth it.”- Karla J. “A really beautiful custom frame. The mat was perfect and with the hardware pack, I was able to frame my art quickly, professionally and beautifully.”- Michele U. “Very nice custom frame. Helps stand and surround the art work. I would purchase this style and stock number for future orders”- Robert B.