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When I was younger I always wanted to be a game ranger but unfortunately, life happens and now at least I get to write about them and tell you my experiences. Scientific NameLutrinaeType of AnimalRodentRangeWorldwideDietCarnivoreOtters are found in almost every corner of the world. They can be found in lakes, rivers, and oceans in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa among other places.

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Indeed, the habitat of this bird is mainly in the tropical rain forest areas. Originally, the term lorikeet is a general name for many types of birds. There are more than 10 sub-species with various shapes and colors. Therefore, it is also often called the rainbow lorikeet.

  • Blue-tongued lizards come in a variety of sizes and colours.
  • The fact of the matter is that dogs are incredible creatures that can be trained to do many different things.
  • These carnivorous animals spend most of the day high up in the treetops.
  • There are now more than 100 unique color morphs thanks to selective breeding.

Scientific pet supplies moncton NameLarus delawarensisType of AnimalBirdRangeNorth AmericaDietOmnivoreRing-billed Gulls live near open lake water, including saltwater and freshwater. They are opportunistic feeders who eat seeds, insects, fish, rodents, berries, small reptiles, or amphibians among other things. Fish is a common food for otters because they hunt underwater where fish usually live so it is easy for them to get their food. They also eat crayfish, crabs, frogs, and small mammals like rabbits or mice that they can catch on land. They live in lakes and ponds near marshes, swamps, or rivers where they eat small fish like minnows, leeches, crustaceans including crayfish and shrimp as well as aquatic insects. But lake sturgeon is the total opposite they are also known as rock sturgeon and one of 25 species of sturgeon.

The platypus has a duck-like beak, a flat tail that stores fat, and webbed feet. It is covered in thick brown fur that is both waterproof and traps insulating air for warmth. Its weight varies from 0.7 to 2.4 kg (1.5 to 5.3 pounds).

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They are known for being brilliant dogs who can be trained easily with patience and consistency on behalf of their owners. The Mexican free-tailed bat is one of the most common types of bat in North America. It lives throughout Mexico and parts of the United States, where it roosts in caves during the day before flying out at night to hunt for insects. Megalodon is an extinct shark species that lived between 23 and 2.6 million years ago.

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Llamas are homeless, domesticated pack animals of the camel family. This fish is also called the vampire fish because of its fondness for blood. It is a parasitic saltwater animal that feeds on the blood of other fish. It was bred from Canadian fishing dogs in the United Kingdom. This is an exciting list full of familiar animals and new species we have yet to meet.

But don’t get too nervous, it only grows to about the length of your hand . The Nabarlek is a tiny wallaby found only in the extreme northwest corner of Australia. Also known as the Little Rock Wallaby, it is the second smallest member of the Macropodid family standing less than a foot tall and weighing less than 3 pounds!

You can find them in the Great Plains state, from Texas to southeastern South Dakota. You can find them in southern Canada, most of Mexico, and throughout the U.S., except for areas in southwestern states. They thrive in various habitats, including thickets, farmland, and woodlands. The least grebe is a small waterbird with a short, pointed bill and shaped like a duck.

Bats were the first to arrive, getting here about 23 million years ago. These placental mammals make up a tiny percentage of the total mammalian population. The dingo was the first of these, coming here about 5,000 years ago. Beginning in 1788, many types of placental mammals such as cattle, foxes and rabbits were brought to Australia.