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The bond that holds the group together is the desire to stop drinking and stay stopped. Modest rooms and living facilities can become luxurious suites when viewed from an environment of alcoholics working together for comfortable sobriety. We try to provide current information but cannot monitor every recovery home listing and do not guarantee the accuracy of listings. Sober House Directory is a helpful starting place to find a recovery home and includes listings for sober houses, recovery residences, structured group homes, and other sober living for men and women in recovery. Less than 4% of our sample with Hispanic, and this led us to examine possible reasons for this under-representation.


Fifty-three percent of residents reported prior homelessness for an average time of 6 months. Oxford House sober houses fit six to fifteen or more residents; some homes are for men, some for women, and some even offer services to women with small children. Some of us had lived for a time in alcoholic and drug rehabilitation facilities. Those facilities provided us with shelter, food, and therapy for understanding alcoholism.

Oxford House Papers: A Series of Papers Written by Members of the University of Oxford: Third Seri

Later that year, the what is an oxford house would close due to financial difficulty, and Molloy and the other residents took over the lease. They chose the name Oxford House in recognition of Oxford Group, a religious organization that influenced the founders of AA. An underlying principle of Oxford House is that each individual member has the ability to be responsible for himself. Living within an Oxford House provides both the opportunity and motivation for all residents to regularly attend AA and/or NA meetings. The example of Oxford House members going to AA or NA meetings on their own is contagious. It has been the experience of Oxford House that participation in AA and NA is extremely high in an environment where one individual can see another individual, with the same disease, reaping great benefits from AA and/or NA participation.

There appear to be considerable standardization of locations of Oxford Houses as well as what occurs in these settings (Ferrari, Groh & Jason, 2009). These results, in fact, were replicated in Australian Oxford Houses (Ferrari, Jason, Blake et al., 2006). Unfortunately, relapses do occur, so, the members of the house could not allow a slip or relapse to slide by any member of the house. That slip endangers the sobriety of every other member of a house and can quickly ruin sobriety for everyone. Once a member has been expelled from a house because they had returned to drinking or taking drugs, they cannot return to the house unless there is a clear demonstration that they have returned to solid sobriety. The first Oxford House was opened in Silver Spring, Maryland in 1975 by Paul Molloy.

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Aase DM, Jason LA, Olson BD, Majer JM, Ferrari JR, Davis MI, Virtue SM. A longitudinal analysis of criminal and aggressive behaviors among a national sample of adults in mutual-help recovery homes. After days of discussions, an organized plan began to evolve which gave the group the confidence they needed to give it a try. Their experiences in the halfway house, both positive and negative, helped them develop an organization to carry the responsibilities themselves. These findings suggest that the Oxford House model, in comparison to those who solely attend twelve-step programs, might be more effective in empowering residents in their ongoing abstinence in a way that enhances the perception of control in their lives. Oxford House, Inc. is a publicly supported, non-profit 501 corporation and is the umbrella organization providing the network connecting all Oxford Houses. OHI allocates resources to duplicate the Oxford House concept where needs arise. When we stopped drinking, we began to realize that in order to stay stopped, our lives would need to change.

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