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Marked cards contact lenses are the infrared contact lenses that can read the invisible marks on the back of playing cards. Our marked cards shop sells invisible ink marked cards and the poker infrared lenses.

Casino games, such as Texas Holdem and Omaha, and blackjack, are currently famous and popular all over the world poker card cheat sheet. People enjoy the game and make their best to win the casino game. People know that winning is not depending on luck but something practical and reliable, such as marked playing cards, marked cards contact lenses, Omaha winner analyzer, etc. Among all these poker cheating devices, invisible ink playing cards and marked cards contact lenses are the most popular. It provides a unique way for people to succeed in playing cards.

We use the latest sandwich technology and laser dyeing systems to manufacture the marked cards contact lenses. These special contact lenses are harmless and suitable for everyone’s eyes playing cards contact lenses.

Marked cards contact lenses are necessary for the player who want to succeed in poker game. With such amazing contact lenses, users can get the extra advantage over his opponents without their knowledge. At least, you can avoid being cheated in poker game with marked cards contact lenses.

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