Art Digital Mpa Ii 2

THe problem is the ISA to Scarlett connect. You need to go into the interface with TRS and then select Line Input. The balance cable isn’t because of distance. It’s because that’s how you ideally send a Line level source. They’re cheap, so it’s worth having them around. Thank you for the answer I just don’t understand why a balanced signal is needed… It will be a 1 meter cable.

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  • I haven’t drastically changed my tone with with it, but I know it’s capable.
  • Let just take a look at a pre that has gained attention lately.
  • The tubes completely transformed the preamp.
  • Power Surge Protection – your product is covered even if damaged from a power surge.
  • The professional Pro MPA II looks sharp in any studio, production facility, or live sound setup.

The sound of this unit has been A/Bed with LA610s and such. In terms of sound it can get you 90% of the way there ( albeit it doesn’t have nice functions such as shelving EQ or optopressor). For the price it can impart a really nice tone to some instruments. This is especially true for vocals, acoustic guitar and the bass guitar. This has been my go-to pre for every project (with a pair of JJ/Tesla 12AX-7 tubes) for the past three years.

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But the most frustrating thing is the VU meter lights that keep burning out within 30 days of replacement. I have a rack of vintage gear in my studio and have been recording for 20+ years. Most of my gear with VU meters are over 40 years old and I have yet to replace a light in any one of them.

Beef up individual tracks with the ART Pro VLA II tube opto-electro compressor/leveling amp — or link its 2 channels in stereo for super-smooth mastering. But the gist was that the Behringer U-Phoria 404HD has combined XLR and TRS Jacks but no way to define line or mic level via a switch when using xlr. As Graham has stated many times above, it is best to use TRS cables even when your external device has XLR.

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Line is full strength which is more than enough power to run any mic. If that doesn’t work you might gave a faulty tube. You only need phantom power from one source. Go line out of the Aphex into a Line input on the Lexicon.

It is well above all preamp consoles averages. I’ve never been able to use SSL or API of course, but Onyx or Ghost are a little worse, and certainly less versatile. I’ve used it non stop for 2 days to save a marathon session and they were as warm as the wine we drank … This is my first real preamp so I try to stay constructive … Minimum, the lamps of origin is no need to keep in with a (brand name “China”, amazing!).

It had a pretty good overall sound quality on the sources I recorded. Due to the other material recorded not yet being release I could only provide examples of the guitar track presented here. While it would not be my first choice of pre, with a couple of higher end options being my go-to’s, it would always be a consideration. The combination of an expansive feature set and a low price point make this a no brainer for anyone looking into an inexpensive pre. In this price range you can hardly find any nonstarved tube preamp with that kind of build quality and sound quality.

Like I said I am new to this so any advice on what would be smartest would be appreciated. Can you please explain a bit more in detail what do you mean that low levels are not a really bad thing. I acquired the EV-RE 20 and used just the M-Box.