How To Check Your Business Credit Score For Free

Regardless of whether we’re talking about good credit or bad credit on the personal level, let’s go over how this impacts a business. On the other hand, if someone has fantastic personal credit then they’re probably wondering if this will benefit the business. Fundid is driven by a mission to empower business owners on their growth journeys by simplifying business finance and access to capital. Opening a business bank account may seem like an unnecessary responsibility, especially if you’re… We spend our time thinking about what the world would look like if the 80% of businesses that have under 10 employees had access to the capital they needed to grow and thrive.

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  • Then, you may be able to resolve the issue without ruining your credit and business’s reputation.
  • In many other ways, business credit scores are nothing like personal credit scores.
  • The single biggest way you can positively impact your business credit rating is to always pay invoices on time, and keep your accounts up to date.
  • Having a good track record will help you to open up a business line of credit with favorable terms, and that can play a huge role on how quickly you’re able to grow.
  • If you don’t have a business credit score but need access to a loan, your personal credit score needs to be strong.

Whether it’s a line of credit that allows expansion or a set of credit cards for employees, a good credit score can help business owners unlock the financing they need to grow. Business credit scores impact the ability of a business to secure loans in the same way personal credit can affect an individual’s ability to get a mortgage or buy a car. For a business looking to obtain a loan, negative information or a poor credit score can make it difficult to get business loan approval. Having a good business credit score, on the other hand, can lead to long-term savings by securing more favorable interest rates from the lender. There are a few different ways to check your business credit score.

Ways A Small Business Can Improve Its Business Credit Score

Your utilization rate can account for up to 30% of your score. If there is inaccurate information on your business credit report, you will have to work with each bureau individually to make it right. If you have a D-U-N-S Number with Dun & Bradstreet, you can file updates and disputes using the company’s online management portal. We’ve heard many questions about businesses and credit scores.

Business Credit Vs Personal Credit

You can also take advantage of a lower or eliminated monthly student loan payment to advance on your other financial goals, Rossman said. The plan could reduce the average annual student loan payment by more than $1,000, according to the White House. Student loan forgiveness will probably have a modest impact on your credit score, said Ted Rossman, a senior industry analyst at

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Once your business’s credit score is well established, treating your enterprise as an entirely separate entity is much easier. Several third-party services allow you to access your business credit reports online. This is a quick and easy way to get your business credit scores without having to fill out multiple application forms and pay each bureau separately. If you’re a business owner, establishing business credit can help protect your personal credit, secure competitive loans, get better insurance rates and more. Though business credit scores are similar to personal credit scores, there are some key differences.

Just like a personal credit card, a business card is only a valuable tool when used responsibly. If you miss payments or build up excessive debt, then you could damage your business’s credit history moving forward. What kinds of loans and credit cards do you have at the moment? In addition to building your business credit profile, if your personal credit profile doesn’t look the best, I would recommend taking a look at how you can improve that. Unlike personal credit, your business credit score is available for anyone to check.

Why Do I Need A Business Credit Score?

This number is based on payment data reported either to the bureau or to data-gathering companies that partner with the bureau. It, along with a “commercial credit score” and a “financial stress score,” helps lenders decide whether to extend credit to you and how much. Insurance companies also can use the score to set your premiums, and it can help landlords determine whether to take you on as a business tenant, according to Dun & Bradstreet. A business credit score performs the same function for your business as a personal score does for your own finances. Lenders and creditors look to minimize risk when giving out loans, so they look for information on whether a business is likely to repay the loan. Though your scores may vary, they’re all based on the information provided by the credit-reporting agencies.