5 essential UX design tips

Target’s product page includes a video within the main image gallery with a “Play” icon to let users know it’s available. None of the e-commerce sites listed below achieved high performance across all 700+ UX elements in our testing. However, each one offers a few specific areas or functions which serve as examples of good UX design. We’ve compiled a list of design examples — selected from Baymard’s e-commerce UX case studies — that you can use as inspiration for improving the user experience on your site.

good ux design

Good design will require understanding who your users are and what they need. Notice that the UX designer focuses on interactions with the customer while the UX designer focuses on aesthetics. It could be tempting to focus primarily on content that helps visitors understand what you want them to know (like product specifications) and do (like clicking the “purchase now” button). As we’ve seen from these examples, sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective.

Why is this good UX design?

Instead, a good user experience meets a particular user’s needs in the specific context where they use the product. Zoom keeps things simple by focusing its top-level choices on the tasks users are most likely to use the app for. UX designers should always have a good idea of the tasks users will want to complete on the product they’re designing. Once they understand what a Become a Java Programmer Learn Java Programming Online user wants to do with a product, the UX designer should surface the first step in the most important tasks as early in the user experience as possible. A UX designer (user experience designer) focuses on building a positive experience for someone and a business’s product. UX designers are typically responsible for user research, creating design solutions, and user testing.

That means different users will interact with your site in different ways — even if they have the same goal. Some might navigate to your homepage, click Careers from your navigation bar, and then browse your job openings. Others might search your company name plus “careers” in Google. User research is how companies determine what their customers and users want and need. At its core, your website should solve a problem, and so this is an important step in determining what exactly your users require.

essential UI (user-interface) design tips

Ease of use and discoverability are two important factors of information architecture, which is why it is so closely related to UX design. Good user experience can be easy to spot, but difficult to define. These characteristics can help you evaluate products to determine whether or not they employ https://traderoom.info/what-does-a-mobile-app-developer-do/ good UX. Having multiple languages to select is a good example of equitable design. Having gender-neutral icons and images, low and high contrast themese are some other examples of equitable designs. Vueling is a prime example of a UX design that nailed the tab navigation right on the head.

It gives companies real input on how individuals are using a product or system and how that product or system works for that user. Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors is a way to enhance your own UX strategy. Whether or not you’re in tech, the company you own or work for most likely has a website. Well, customers could write you off in a matter of seconds if they don’t find your website useful and easy to use. In fact, most website visitors determine whether or not they want to leave within a minute of opening a page. Throughout the course, we’ll supply you with lots of templates and step-by-step guides so you can start applying what you learn in your everyday practice.

Use These Examples of UX Design to Incrementally Improve Your Site

Primarily because good design has nothing to do with you and everything to do with your audience. Your role as a UX designer is to eliminate friction from the user experience, and that friction is a perpetually moving target. US design determines our feelings about the products with which we interact. On the other hand, brilliant UX design that empathizes with the customer and is intuitive and elegant makes a product enjoyable to use, and that can positively impact the bottom line. As technology becomes more ubiquitous in our lives, successful UX design will continue to create seamless transitions between individuals and their devices and apps.

  • First, there’s the brilliant use of a tab system to help users manage their uploaded files.
  • The immersive web design experience makes each feature of the iPhone tangible for the user, and bold statements in modern font make the user feel like they’re buying into something exclusive.
  • Graphic designers looking to switch career tracks will need to do a substantial amount of work finding out how to conduct user research (more about this a bit later on in the article).
  • Calm is another app that works as a UX design example that simplifies long forms.
  • Once you’ve brushed up your skillset and you feel you’re ready for that first UX role, you might find handy to do some networking.
  • It can be improved via non-product methods as in Grammarly’s case.

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