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As a security engineer, you’ll use your knowledge of threats and vulnerabilities to build and implement defense systems against a range of security concerns. You may advance to become a security architect, responsible https://remotemode.net/become-a-security-specialist/ for your organization’s entire security infrastructure. Accreditations like these are particularly useful if you’re considering a cybersecurity career with federal agencies like the Homeland Security or the FBI.

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Some organizations employ these specialists in entry-level roles, allowing them to develop on-the-job experience. According to MIT’s Technology Review, by 2021, approximately 3.5 million jobs in the cybersecurity industry will be vacant. Out of all the candidates that apply for these positions, fewer than one in four are qualified.

Cyber security specialist vs. Information technology security manager

In particular, information assurance engineers are 2.4% more likely to graduate with a Master’s Degree than a cyber security specialist. We looked at the average cyber security specialist salary and compared it with the wages of an information assurance engineer. Generally speaking, information assurance engineers are paid $4,104 lower than cyber security specialists per year. Cybersecurity professionals like security specialists enjoy a promising job outlook and salary potential. Still, professionals may need to pursue more certifications, education, or training to meet a company’s specific needs.

People interested in a cybersecurity career may appreciate the industry’s high salary potential and fast pace. Most days on the job vary, as computer systems need constant fine-tuning to prevent cyberthreats. They help government agencies, military organizations, and companies of all sizes secure their data.

What Is it Like to be a Security Specialist?

Most cybersecurity analysts work full time, but they don’t always work typical 9-to-5 hours. Since cyber attacks can happen at any time, come organizations and security companies keep security analysts on-call outside of typical business hours. If you’re looking for a job with the flexibility to work evenings or weekend hours, cybersecurity could be a good fit.

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