LimeFx scam: LimeFx Review

LimeFx scam
LimeFx scam

It is also necessary for exchanges to ensure that the process of making deposits and withdrawals is simple and straightforward all to ease their clients. The LimeFx exchange platform offers its clients access to more than 1500 financial instruments in the global markets. Its clients have the luxury of choosing from Indicies, Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities while benefiting from low fees and commission offered by the exchange platform. Let’s have a look at the financial instruments offered. The vast diversity in trading options offered by any exchange platform is always an attractive feature as most investors always look to diversify their portfolios to manage risk. Risk management is an important lesson all investors must learn to become successful in the financial market and a wide range of trading options allows them to do so effortlessly.

LimeFx allows its clients to trade more than just currencies. Using their proprietary platform, you access American and European markets, allowing you to trade stocks and indices as well. There is always the potential of losing money when you invest in securities or other financial products. Investors should consider their LimeFx objectives and risks carefully before investing. All brokers listed on our website are regulated by at least one financial regulator and have never been reported as a scam.

The mobile app can be downloaded on both Android OS and iOS devices. However, for the web-based platform, no installation or download is required as traders can simply log in to their trading account through a web browser. One of the most prevalent online trading scams is to initially display profitable trades that give the investor a false sense of confidence, and get them hooked to the idea of ‘easy money’. Once this confidence is established, the investor will be marketed the idea of investing more money to earn greater returns.

  • When it comes to LimeFx, the exchange platform offers two various methods of payment; the use of credit or debit cards such as Visa and Mastercard and Bank Wire transfer.
  • You will also admire its transparency in transactions, freeing you from complex calculations and rules.
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  • On top of that, once you click and provide them with your e-mail and contact number they will ring you immediately and promise you anything to make you deposit money with them as fast as possible.

Each broker was graded on 108 different variables and, in total, over 100,000 words of research were produced. Our reviews are a combination of data research and working alongside the brokers. All information provided by the brokers are double-checked to guarantee 100% accuracy and that we remain unbiased. We analyze more than 3000 data points across 8 key focus areas. While most of the new brokers out there use the vanilla and most used MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platforms, LimeFx has had time to invest in creating its own proprietary investing platform.

LimeFx Customer Support

If you fallen victim please leave a review and a comment on this site at the comment section. Also, when these people change their website they tend to call the old clients, so if they call you from a new website please write it down on the comment or let us know it by contacting us. That would be really appreciated by us and families all over world. Also if you get phone calls from other companies please put the name of these companies also in the comment or send it to us.

There is a very high degree of risk involved in trading securities. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable, or that they will not result in losses.Learn more at Wikipedia. Both support teams are customer friendly and easy to work with.

LimeFx scam

Is for general discussions of a financial company or issues related to companies. Trading FX or CFDs on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits. Trade with confidence, and benefit from our reliable market conditions with proven stability, security, and strength. Any referrals to 3rd parties may have computational rewards. Be careful and verify your information through multiple sources. Constant vigilance should be applied at all times when sending money online.

Please read LimeFx Reviews below and share your live trading experiences with this broker. Let’s have a look at the various features and benefits offered by each trading account. Become the trader you want to be with our next-generation platform and beneficial trading conditions. You are not the first and you likely won’t be the last. Mistakes can happen even with the most cautious of investors, and should be used as a learning opportunity. When searching for brokers to conduct your trading activities with, the first and most important step should always be to learn about their certification.

Contracts for Difference (‘CFDs’) are complex financial products that are traded on margin. Trading CFDs carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. As a result, CFDs may not be suitable for all investors because you may lose all your invested capital. You should not risk more than you are prepared to lose.

Withdrawing funds

Every exchange platform has several asset classes and instruments listed on its trading platform. However, the number of these financial instruments and asset classes differs from one exchange to the next. In terms of security, LimeFx has made sure the necessary security protocol has been put in place so traders can feel safe and don’t have to worry about losing their LimeFxs to scams and cyber attacks. Only LimeFx has the key to deciphering the encryption and as such, there’s a guarantee of zero access to third parties.

They will offer deals that sound too good to be true, like we will double your initial deposit or you will make $100 per day easily. After making the initial deposit, people get transferred to a smarter scammer, called a “retention agent”, who will try to get more money out of you. To meet the needs of every trader irrespective of their experience level, the LimeFx exchange platform makes available several trading accounts for its client.

LimeFx scam

The digitalization of the financial market did not come without its flaws as the online world now experiences a high number of cyberattacks and fraudulent activities. Today, stories of hacks seeing investors and traders lose their LimeFxs now make the headline news more often. As a result of this, traders now look to sign up with exchange platforms that can guarantee the safety of their sensitive personal information and financial LimeFxs. Usually unregulated forex brokers work in the following way. They will call people to persuade them to make the initial minimum deposit, while trying any conceivable method in order to make that happen.

So let’s look into the primary features of LimeFx that make it outstanding. These vast opportunities have continued to lure in more investors into the financial market. And as such, we now see a lot of investors and traders dedicating their time and resources to the financial market making it their chosen life career and not just a mere vocation. After conducting some research on various social media platforms , as well as online trading forums, a general theme emerged where users were dissatisfied with their experience with Based on this user feedback, it appears that is not a trustworthy broker, and hence, extreme caution should be applied before investing through their brokerage platform. Global markets are more accessible than one might think.

Is Legit or a Scam?

After making the initial deposit, victims are transferred to a more sophisticated scammer known as a “retention agent”, who takes more money from unsuspecting victims. You ought to receive an instant reply to your query, if not fast. Nevertheless, fraudsters cut off communications upon receiving your money. It is improbable to deliver a friendly interface without proper customer relations.

LimeFx scam

You will also enjoy the easiness of trading, transaction, and withdrawing options in this proprietary platform. The company has built this unique trading base for you with great software, security, and financial team. It truly deserves accolades for design and intuitiveness. This minimum deposit amount is quite reasonable compared to other established and reputed online broker houses. Also, beginners can effectively afford it to start their first currency, CFD, or cryptocurrency trading. LimeFx currently operates worldwide in all countries except three.

A good rule of thumb is to carefully review all the LimeFxpanies and any other company for that matter, before you perform any transaction. If you have any questions or you need an advice about the withdrawing process, feel free to contact us at . If you sent them a wire, there is no way to perform a chargeback on a wire. For this step you need to raise the fight to a different level.

It will be helpful to protect the customers from unwanted losses. Finally, it hasn’t got any history of fund manipulation and malicious activity. Generally, investors will be able to find various trading instruments they can trade using their preferred exchange platform.

Services Links

Our reviews and overall scores are based on the key areas above, in a combination with our opinion and commentary. As a customer, you can easily access the educational resources of LimeFx. However, the availability of the educational tools limefx official site will vary depending on what type of LimeFx account you have. Usually, beginners will get essential tools, and advanced ones are reserved for VIP accounts. LimeFx provides one of the largest market and financial instruments for trading.

The website is ranked #0 among millions of other websites according to Alexa traffic rank. I would not buy goods from an online shop that has no HTTPS connection. The HTTPS connection assures that all the traffic between you and the website is encrypted. I would not buy goods from lime fx an online shop created a few months ago. You are more likely to get your money back, and the broker gets hurt. You had to submit the withdrawal request in writing to prove that you’ve tried to ask for your funds back, yet, they refuse to do so, or it’s delayed for far too long.

This review is aimed at giving an unbiased and honest insight into the operations of the platform based on the information made available to the public by the exchange platform. After reading through this review, you should then be able to make an informed decision on whether or not you’re choosing LimeFx as your trading partner. Use our profound services and tools to make your trading life easier and secure your LimeFx. For our 2023 Forex Broker Review, we assessed, rated, and ranked 45 international forex brokers over a three-month time period.

LimeFx Review – SCAM! Read Before You Deposit!

So if you’re looking to choose a reliable and trustworthy exchange platform, LimeFx should make your shortlist. Asides from the MetaTrader5, LimeFx also provides two other convenient options which is the Web-based platform and the Mobile application. The Mobile app allows investors and traders to execute trades and monitor market trends anywhere and at any time with an internet-enabled device.

Start Trading

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, conduct your own research before making any LimeFx decisions. MetaTrader5 offers the same features as the MetaTrader4 in a more modernized and upgraded pattern. It is an incredible tool that is easy to use and navigated by both newbies and professional traders enabling them to relish a smooth and wonderful trading experience. As mentioned earlier in this review, LimeFx makes use of a top-quality trading platform and it is quite popular among investors that have been trading in the financial market. The said software is the MetaTrader5 which is an upgrade to the more popular MetaTrader4.

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