10 Remote Work-From-Home Jobs that Pay Well

You can also review financial information for potential fraud and inaccuracies or find ways a company or organization can increase profits and minimize wasteful spending. Accountants can also focus on risk management, government spending, or auditing. As an accountant, you may work for a particular company or move around to different clients, depending on the requirements for the services you provide. You can work in client offices going over their financial records or work from home while reviewing tax documents and financial records. Data scientists use analytical tools to find information based on data. You might be responsible for figuring out which particular data is useful for a project and where you can find that data.

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The stadium twinkled, each flash of silver a reminder of the constellation of moments that we move through, that sustain us. The intangible benefits of in-person work have been challenging for researchers to study because they are, by definition, hard to measure. Existing studies of remote work have tended to focus on call centers or similar workplaces where productivity is easy to define and measure — but where creativity, collaboration and mentorship may be less important. During her first week at Verkada, back in an office, she realized what she had been missing. She bumped into the company’s chief executive in the hallway, and he invited her to set up a meeting to talk about her department’s approach to compensation, which had come up during her job interview. She emailed his assistant to schedule the conversation right away.

Careers at Baylor Human Resources Baylor University – hr.web.baylor.edu

Careers at Baylor Human Resources Baylor University.

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Social media managers handle all aspects of a business’s social media account, including posting marketing materials, cultivating an online following, and analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. As a job purposely focused on online marketing, social media managers can typically work remotely from home or on the go. Learn about some of the highest-paid, entry-level remote jobs and what you can do to apply with little or no experience. Explore high-paying remote jobs that can be a great option if you enjoy working outside an office or out in the field.

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The national range provided includes the base salary that GBT expects to pay for the role. Actual base salary will be based on factors including the scope and complexity of the role and the successful candidate’s relevant experience, skills, knowledge, and work location. A financial manager is responsible for overseeing the finances of a company or organization.

  • Accountants usually need a bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or another related field.
  • One of the benefits of a portfolio is that it allows you to showcase your abilities in lieu of prior work experience.
  • As you research your roles of interest, update your resume to showcase your relevant skill set and consider filling any skill gaps by taking an online course or earning a certification.
  • You might be responsible for figuring out which particular data is useful for a project and where you can find that data.

For example, if you were looking for an entry-level IT job, you would search for “entry-level remote IT.” You can also search for the job title that interests you and input “remote” for location. Front-end developers design the visual layout of websites, while back-end developers are responsible for coding them. Full-stack developers both design and code websites, while webmasters manage and course careers remote jobs update them. The online nature of web development means that it can be done as easily from home as in an office. Remote jobs offer greater flexibility, including the ability to complete your work from home without having to commute to an office. If you are interested in working for a specific company, you can often search for open positions via the ‘career’ tab on the company’s website.


There’s a vocal run toward the end of the song that rises out of Beyoncé’s throat and finds its way into your chest, unclenching any stuck emotions that might be lodged in there. But remote workers may be paying a hidden professional penalty for that flexibility, according to a working paper from economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the University of Iowa and Harvard. The research is among the first major studies to demonstrate the professional downside of remote work. In addition to base salary, this role is eligible for an annual Performance Based Incentive, which rewards participants based on company performance. For information about our comprehensive US benefits programs and eligibility, please review our Benefits-at-a-Glance document.

  • These can be technical skills, such as coding or design, or soft skills like communication and teamwork.
  • If you lack work experience in the area that you’re applying to, consider putting together a portfolio.
  • To avoid that potential problem, go through the job listing and identify the key skills and experience.
  • Before the COVID-19 pandemic, about half of hiring managers hired remote talent.
  • The research is among the first major studies to demonstrate the professional downside of remote work.

Remote work allows you to be employed outside the typical workplace setting. As a remote worker, you might work from home or in different locations or co-working spaces. The positions may also allow you to be more flexible about when you work, depending on the required hours for the job.

As a translator, you’d convert written information from one language to another. As an interpreter, you’d convert spoken words between languages. Create and maintain websites, programs, and computer or mobile applications as a developer. This field was one of the first to embrace a remote work culture, even before the pandemic. This makes it an excellent option if you’re creative with a knack for problem solving.

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